Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern Corps #59 (War Of The Green Lanterns, Part 5)

BAD THING: There seems to have been very little coordination between what Tony Bedard wrote in this issue and what Geoff Johns wrote in Part 4. For one thing, Hal derides Kyle's choosing of The Blue Ring Of Hope as a substitute weapon and brings up a very good point as to why using a Blue Lantern Ring against Green Lanterns is a VERY BAD IDEA... even though Hal was the one who let Kyle pick whatever ring he wanted in the last issue! And he didn't feel compelled to say a damn thing about the Blue Lantern weaknesses then, even though he did stop John Stewart from taking up The Orange Ring Of Avarice.

On the bright side, Bedard does a good job of conveying the desperation of the situation and how Hal seems to have lost sight of the fact that not everybody knows the other Corps rings as well as he does... which results in Kyle and John not being battle-ready and Guy being... well, Guy with a ring that feeds upon his Rage.

GOOD THING: That being said, it is nice to see Ganthet call Hal out on how idiotic his plan is... even if I don't entirely agree with his reasons as to precisely WHY it's an idiotic plan.

For instance, Kyle would, I think, be better suited to a Love Ring - given that last issue said he was a lover, not a fighter. And Guy would be better served by taking up the Yellow Ring... or am I the only one who remembers that he was using Sinestro's old ring for a while as a member of the JLA?

The Final Verdict: Some spotty logic and poor coordination between the writers is made up for with a truly surprising twist in the final few pages. An enjoyable issue, despite its' flaws.


  1. Still enjoying the series immensely. In DC world, they probably should have gone to the JLA and said... "Umm, we got problems." In the real world, I know the comic wouldn't be as interesting if they went to the JLA for help all the time. That said, I don't know what else they could have done aside from use the other rings since the green ones are corrupted.
    Good to have Guy back in red. =D

  2. I've personally expected Kyle to get a blue ring since they were introduced.

  3. So have I, given his relationship with Ganthet who left the GLC to be the Guardian of The Blue Lanterns. And he is the torchbearer, of course.

  4. Well, it's not like any of them had any means of contacting Earth, anyway. Kyle and John were marooned on Oa, hiding in a cave.
    I suppose there's a chance that there might be some kinda interstellar CB in the Green House where Hal and Guy wound up... but it's totally in character for Hal not to think about them needing something like that when he can just call people on his ring. Besides, he had to show off "The Extension Of My Manhood Jet" to Guy.