Monday, February 7, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Arrow #8

GOOD THING: There's a very neat plot thread here with Jason Blood somehow getting separated from a less-than-pleased Etrigan. While I'm sure this idea has been done before, Krul plays with it beautifully. And then there's the added element of Ollie trying to figure out how he can use Jason - who actually was there for the days of Camelot - to confirm or deny that his new buddy Galahad is the REAL Galahad without upsetting the knight errant in question.

BAD THING: There's a lot of cameos here that don't amount to a lot, any one of which would be worthy of a story themselves. You have Poison Ivy, apparently traveled into Star City with a group of environmentalists, attempting to commune with the magical forest. You have Lex Corps scientists doing what they do while a group from STAR Labs with Mr. Terrific and Doctor Midnite are present. And Lois Lane shows up for a moment to talk to our own local report about the craziness in Star City. And apart from Doctor Midnite and Mr. Terrific fighting with Ollie and Galahad when Galahad goes a little crazy and attacks the STAR Labs scientists, nothing much is done with ANY of this.

It's possible Krul is setting up a lot of future storylines here but it feels more like he's trying to make up for lost time and explain why we haven't seen more people in the DCU expressing concern or interest in a magical forest suddenly growing out of a major metropolitan area before now.

The Final Verdict: This issue is either trying to hint of things to come or covering its' ass as to why nobody in the DCU at large has expressed much interest in the Star City forest before now. Still, the core of the story - centering on Jason Blood and Etrigan's battle leaking over into the lives of Ollie and Galahad - is well worth reading.

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