Monday, February 7, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #30

GOOD THING: Wacky fun. You've got The Doom Patrol fighting the Secret Six (Plus Two, now that King Shark has apparently joined the team). You've got the return of The 100 from Simone's Rose And Thorn series in the form of a slacker revolution of sorts. And in what is sure to be a SyFy Channel Original: King Shark vs. Robotman!

BAD THING: I hesitate to say it but there's almost TOO much wacky fun in this book. To the point where great ideas like Bane going out on his first date are given far too little time. Thankfully, the book suggests that this storyline is far from over... but I wanna see a whole issue devoted to this!

The Final Verdict: It's a fun issue, even by the standards of this book. The one problem is there's so many good ideas here it seems like they are fighting to stay on the page.

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