Monday, January 17, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Knight and Squire #4

BAD THING: The main plot of this issue is surprisingly standard stuff, given how unique this book has been so far. The old "hero must fight his own weapons" issue.

GOOD THING: Cornell still manages to give us some nice twists with this issue, such as the revelation that The Knight's butler is a Texan named Hank.

(Okay - he says in the notes at the end of the book that he was trying to write a generic American Southerner in parody of how Americans are usually portrayed in British television. But that "ya'll" is distinctly Texan. I'm just saying.)

The Final Verdict: A fairly standard comic plot but Cornell manages to make it interesting, though this issue lacks some of the quirky humor of the first three issues.


  1. ... most of the south says ya'll. :P But I'll let you have him be Texan. After all.. he's got a bolo tie on and maybe there's some hank hill influence.

  2. Actually, the ya'll is distinctly Texan, where there's now vowel on the second syllable. :)
    Most of the American south tends to say it as one word - yawl. The Texan version is much harsher and guttural - ya'll.