Monday, January 17, 2011

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #6

GOOD THING: It's worth noting that even though this comic is part of a big storyline with the other two Green Lantern titles, they are doing a good job of making sure that - on the odd chance you're only reading one of these books (for some reason) - you get clued in on the connection between Guy Gardner, Ganthet and the Red Lanterns.

BAD THING: It just now hit me how out-of-character it is for Guy Gardner to be the one keeping secrets from his friends and working covertly, given how he's usually the first to decry The Guardians not giving the Lanterns the whole picture. After all, he's pretty well known for being honest to the point of tactlessness, so the revelation that he's been lying all this time WOULD be jarring to his friends.

The Final Verdict: This series is doing a great job of setting itself apart from the other Green Lantern titles while still being a part of the bigger storyline tying into Brightest Day. The only problem is that Guy Gardner - granting he has his reasons - does seem to be a bit out of character. I'm sure this will be explained away later (Guy certainly has plenty of reason to be keeping secrets) but it is still off-putting for long-time Guy Gardner fans.


  1. It's amazing how in both the good and bad scene, you manage to show the Red Lantern busy slurping up Guy's blood. (That was a 'what the hell?' little detail I stared at for a while. Wondering what the hell she was clinging to, then what she was smacking her mouth at...)

  2. I did use a two page scan.
    And here's how jaded I am. I didn't even notice!