Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Warlord of Mars #1

BAD THING: The cover is a bit of false advertising. Those hoping for a classic tale of Jon Carter fighting weird monsters with a busty Martian princess by his side will be disappointed once they get past the admittedly beautiful cover...

GOOD THING: ... and read two solid stories dealing with the origins of two of Edgar Rice Burroughs' protagonists - John Carter before he came to Mars and the Martian warrior Tars Tarkas, long before they met in the first story ERB wrote involving the two warriors of two worlds.

The Final Verdict: I was expecting a classic sword and sorcery tale after I looked at the cover. Imagine my surprise when instead I got a scene from a western and a scene from a science-fiction story. I wasn't disappointed by this. I don't think you will be either. This could quickly become the equal of Dark Horse's Conan Series.


  1. I think the artist had fun making a Martian thong.

  2. "I was expecting a classic sword and sorcery tale after I looked at the cover"
    1st time reading any of Burroughs Mars stuff?
    Though Tharks and other Martian native life were in the old, old, old school tan-version of D&D...

  3. Yeah. And Frazetta did a lot of covers for Burroughs AND Conan which looks REALLY similar.
    Sword and Sorcery is - perhaps - the wrong term for the genre Burroughs Mars falls into... even though magic (i.e. Astral Projection) is the justification for how John Carter comes to Mars in the first place.

  4. Me, I prefer Martian granny panties RAAR.