Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #3

GOOD THING: Tomasi is telling a great story here, doing a great job of building up the new villain and raising the stakes for our heroes.

BAD THING: There's almost a bit too much going on. And readers who jumped onto this series without having read Tomasi's Green Lantern Corps may well be lost as to whom Sodam Yat (the former Ion-bearer of the Green Lantern Corps) is and why his return to his home world is so significant.

The Final Verdict: While it isn't all that friendly to Green Lantern newbies, this is still a solid read.


  1. Wouldn't they have powers under a yellow sun?

  2. I love where this series is going. I just wanna hug all of them. And high five guy for getting the Blue Lantern to facepalm.
    [Also, "This Bitch is toast!" is my new battle cry.]

  3. Yeah! Bit of an error, that.
    Should be "once you changed our sun back to red" or "once you changed our sun back from yellow".

  4. I did like "Babar's" response to Guy's question about how bad things could get if he didn't cleanse himself of the Red Ring's influence and how Guy would eventually be well either way. Of course he might wind up dead... but that is well, for a given value of "wellness". :)