Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #26

GOOD THING: You've got a great concept here, with most of our regular team of Six being sent after Bane and his new team of Six into Skartaris. There's a lot of solid character moments here where Simone refers to past continuity without getting bogged down in it. Bane's desire to be a semi-benevolent conqueror of Skartaris who will gladly protect those who swear loyalty to him fits his original characterization perfectly. I love how Deadshot is able to piece together that the new Mockingbird is Amanda Waller with hardly any clues to work with other than "I know how The Wall thinks." And I had completely forgotten that Deadshot has a very good personal reason to want to see Lady Vic dead (i.e. she threatened his daughter during the Villains United debacle)

Plus, you know, Catman wrestling dinosaur mutant thingies.

BAD THING: While I normally wouldn't begrudge Gail Simone a chance to try and make one of her original characters look more badass... I can't believe that Spy Smasher could possibly make Amanda Waller crack for a second. Even allowing that allowing American civilians to die for a political cause is one of the few lines The Wall wouldn't cross... probably... this still seems to be tearing down the wall to build up Spy Smasher.

I'm also unclear as to just how conquering Skartaris is going to help the USA with fighting an enemy who is going to try to bomb the states.

The Final Verdict: A solid read and still one of the most enjoyable books on the market.


  1. Nah. Spy Smasher is very clearly punching above her weight class and I'm sure Gail knows this. This is the exact same kind of arrogance that led her to try and take over Oracle's operation, and we all saw how that turned out.
    Obviously, having failed a takeover bid on the caped community, Kat would try to throw her weight around the Government-backed meta organisations - she's probably planning to incorporate an annexatio of Task Force X in this.
    She's a decent 'villain' for both Babs and the Wall, and I don't begrudge her this little needle because it's so obvious she's going to lose, and horribly, and gloriously. Because she's out of her league.

  2. Oh, I know. I just fail to believe that she's smart enough to match wits with Babs and yet stupid enough to try and push against The Wall.
    But yeah. The Wall would have had the intel AND the intelligence to never, ever put Giganta and Dwarfstar in a situation where they'd have to work together.

  3. I smell pervert!
    I love King Shark and I hope he sticks around to hang out with Ragdoll.