Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Queen Sonja #10

GOOD THING: There's a great tragic romance at the heart of what could have been a standard sword-and-sorcery tale. More than any story in recent memory, this story explores Red Sonja as a character - not a concept but as a living, breathing woman trying to balance her own desires, her responsibilities as a leader and her sense of duty to her goddess and the conflict between each aspect of herself as well as the society she is a part of and the supernatural threat to her people.

BAD THING: The event that set up this wonderfully tragic moment still seems really forced, with Sonja's personal guard having taken The Idiot Ball, when they allow the most obviously treacherous noble since Lord Blackadder into Sonja's fiancee's quarters and believe him when he says he is NOT going to try to kill him.

The Final Verdict: A plot worthy of Shakespeare, undermined only slightly by some unbelievably idiotic behavior on the part of the supporting cast. Running neck-in-neck with Conan The Cimmerian for the honor of being the best Fantasy Comic on the shelves.

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