Thursday, October 14, 2010

For everyone who ever accused Red Sonja's oath of being unrealistic...

SOURCE: Kung Fu Sisters Stage Combat Tournament To Find Men To Date

Marital arts experts Xiao Lin, 22, and little sister Yin, 21, are to stage a three day fighting festival in Foushan, south east China, where only the toughest suitors stand a chance of getting through.

First contestants must show off their archery skills, then they must carry a heavy weight over sharpened bamboo spears, and finally they have to defeat one of the sisters in full contact combat.

Only then will contestants earn the right to remove the girls' masks and propose to them.

You couldn't pay me enough to walk into a fight like this. Now, find me a Russian redhead with a chainmail bikini and MAYBE I'll consider signing up for it.

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  1. You can have the Russian. I'd vote for the Irish woman in the chain mail armor.