Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #25

GOOD THING: There's quite a lot of good stuff going on here, with Gail Simone seemingly taking up characters from other books she has written in the past and bringing them together for something new.

In one corner, with have Gail's new female Spy Smasher (the one from her final arc on the original Birds of Prey book) showing up looking to recruit the Secret Six.

We've also got Giganta, most recently seen in Gail's Wonder Woman book having girl-talk with Diana about their romantic lives, of all things, on the NEW Secret Six.

And if you don't think that things are going to get interesting between Giganta and Dwarfstar (aka the guy who paid Deathstroke to kill off the All-New Atom aka Giganta's semi-boyfriend)... well, does the phrase Chekov's Gun mean anything to you all?

And then there's the on-going plots with our regular cast, including Catman's apparently suicidal feelings and Deadshot trying to do something nice for Black Alice... in the most screwed up way possible, of course.

BAD THING: There's a bit TOO much going on here. Granted, as a devout Gail Simone fan, I love it but I'm not sure how accessible all of the layers upon layers of back-story between all the characters is to a newbie. And I'm afraid that the transition between the new Secret Six being recruited by Spy Smasher and their sudden appearance in some tropical jungle somewhere leaves very little hint as to just where they are. Giganta makes a reference to a gate and Bane's actions at the end seem to suggest that they are Skartaris... but that doesn't seem totally right either.

The Final Verdict: A real treat for all Gail Simone fans but a right confusing mess for everyone who hadn't been reading Birds of Prey, The All New Atom and Wonder Woman. Probably. Hopefully the next issue will be a little clearer.


  1. Given future covers, I'd say it IS Skataris.

  2. The frightening thing is that - as Dwarfstar pointed out - there's more than a few options for lost Lands Before Time in the DCU. And I seem to recall there being one specifically located in the Amazon but I'm damned if I can remember the name.