Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Brightest Day #9

BAD THING: The plot with Hawk, Dove and Deadman has stalled and stopped being interesting. What is worse, this issue, it distracts away from the really interesting things that have been happening to Aquaman and Mera.

GOOD THING: Green Arrow finally gets drawn into the action of the main Brightest Day book and we get to see him paired up with Martian Manhunter to boot, as we get a little more insight into the power of the Star City forest (which managed to instantly repair most of the damage caused by J'onn's presence) and exactly what J'onn's destiny is.

The Final Verdict: As per usual, the main storyline seems to be a distraction from the more interesting subplots. Still, at least Ollie finally gets a direct tie into what is going on. And the stuff with J'onn is pretty cool.

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