Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Conan The Cimmerian #23

GOOD THING: Quite honestly, everything. Choosing one thing about this series right now is difficult. It has, to be honest, found the perfect balance between form and function, pastiche and original, art and story.

So spoiled for choice, I will say that I liked how Tim Truman added in some appropriately Lovecraftian chanting to the script for this tale based directly on a Robert E. Howard story, since - for those who don't know - Howard and Lovecraft were pen-pals and apparently agreed that Conan's world was the precursor to Lovecraft's.

BAD THING: Well... I could really have done without seeing this guy with a shirt off.

The Final Verdict: One of the best books on the market, period. All fans of good comics, to say nothing of a good sword-and-sorcery yarn - should be reading it.


  1. Actually, "Yagkoolan Yok Tha, Xuthalla!" was in the original Howard story. It's a sort of shibboleth linked to the weird sorcery going on in the island.

  2. I wasn't sure, to be honest. Been forever since I read the original story.
    Sure LOOKED Lovecraftian though.