Sunday, September 19, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Queen Sonja #9

GOOD THING: There's a very good multi-faceted plot here that - for once - bucks the cliches of romance in a Red Sonja story. Usually some contrivance is found to deny Sonja happiness when it seems she finds a man who she can love but is unable to satisfy the conditions of her oath to only seek love with a man who can beat her in single combat.

In this case, the conflict comes from Sonja's desire to marry an exiled noble - son of the former line of Kings, who reported consorted with dark powers - which disturbs Sonja's devout entourage of noble warrior women. And there's the rest of the nobles, who are just plain uncomfortable with having a warrior queen, period.

BAD THING: The only problem with this plot is that it seems highly unlikely - no matter what suspicions they might have about Sonja's betrothed - that they would ally themselves in an plot of any kind with the weaselly noble who has been after Sonja's blood since she spurned his advances. We can only hope that the next issue opens with him being trapped in the act and that their seeming betrayal was a bluff.

The Final Verdict: A lot of readers think Red Sonja stories are nothing but a lot of flimsy plots propping up a collection of gratuitous cheesecake art. Don't you believe it! This book has a richer plot than many fantasy novels and the only gratuitous nudity involves a male hero fighting the assassins who interrupt his bath. You're welcome, ladies and gay men!

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