Friday, July 30, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern #56

GOOD THING: More Larfleeze, who we find out believes in Santa Claus. Perhaps more shocking, given how many stories have featured Santa Claus meeting the JLA, Hal doesn't.

BAD THING: The mystery of who is behind abducting all of the Emotion Avatars seems to have been revealed. I had expected this to be milked a little longer and am a little disappointed they didn't draw it out more.

The Final Verdict: The return of Hector Hammond + more Larfleeze = One great issue!


  1. Larfleeze is my hero and I really hope he shows up in Action Comic's with Lex.

  2. Haven't got mine yet but there is a copy out there somewhere with my name on it. MINE! MINE!
    I haven't actually been to the comic store in a month. Couldn't afford it. :/