Friday, July 30, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Arrow #2

BAD THING: This issue really has more to do with Brightest Day than it does with exploring the mysteries set up by the last issue.

GOOD THING: While the scenes involving what is going on in Star City and the forest are brief (being limited to the appearance of a man in the clothing of a knight wandering the forest and someone using black arrows seemingly killing Ollie in the same way that Prometheus was killed), they are well written. And the scenes with Hal and Ollie talking are picture perfect, presenting the two friends as equals in a way that hasn't truly been accomplished by any writer in a long time.

The Final Verdict: A solid issue, despite being less about Green Arrow and Star City and more about Brightest Day.

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  1. Just finished it a moment ago. Been a bit busy with the last week of Summer Reading...