Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Green Lantern #55

BAD THING: I could really do without seeing The Specter again this soon. Or ever again, for that matter.

GOOD THING: The rest of the issue after that one scene is one gigantic knuckle-down battle between Lobo and The Lanterns. And to a lesser and yet somehow greater degree, Lobo's dog and Red Lantern Dex-Starr.

Incidentally, you can read the amazing origins of Dex-Starr: Cat of Earth here.

The Final Verdict: A great issue of a great book, plain and simple.


  1. Ok, I go to pick up my issue tomorrow. But I couldn't help reading this review as a sneak preview. At least it kinda explains why Lobo is there (at least from this scan anyway).
    I don't mind Spectre but it seems like they've got enough crammed into this one GL book already.
    I like Dex-Starr even more now too. His story actually hits a little close to home. Although I can't help but notice his origin was retconned already. He was an alien at some point. But Don don't care. :)
    I'm also starting to notice a trend with the red lanterns. I don't know if it's intentional or not but the Reds we know about so far, aren't Reds because they're just assholes. They're rage-fueled because they once cared about something a lot and lost it.

  2. Yeah, I actually included the link for you. Figured you'd enjoy it for the obvious reasons and the not so obvious ones.

  3. Just once, I tell ya, I'd love to see what happens during LA Rush Hour.
    *red lantern rings flying everywhere* YOU HAVE GREAT ROAD RAGE...

  4. You know what would have been funny. If Lobo hadn't pulled his punch there and Hal's had a'sploded all over the place. Well I would have laughed anyway...

  5. Hold on... did anyone else just hear a HEAT member writing an angry letter to DC Comics there? :)

  6. Bwah-haha! I couldn't agree more.
    I also plan to do a quick comic where a ferret gets an Orange ring. Someday. Hopefully. Ha!

  7. I finally sat down and read this issue and Dex's origin made me teary. Trust Geoff Johns to take something as semi-goofy as the rage-kitty and give him a background that's just right to make me go, "Ooh, poor rage-kitty."

  8. Yeah.
    My friend noted that of all the Red Lanterns we have learned the background of, nearly ALL of them seem to have some pretty well justified reasons for becoming enraged. The Red Lantern from Tales of the Corps, for instance, was a princess whose entire home world was razed by The Sinestro Corps and she was seconds away from being raped before she was given a Red Ring and a chance to fight back.
    And I have one friend who said that she wasn't talking to me anymore after I made her read Dex's origin... until I handed her Wonder Woman #600 and pointed out the Amanda Conner story with Power Girl's cat.

  9. They really all do, and I like it. Rather than just "Arrghh! Rage!" everyone's pissed for a very good reason. It makes them all more interesting.
    I've not yet read WW 600. It's next on the list.