Thursday, July 1, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Wonder Woman #600

GOOD THING: Oh, there is so much good here it is hard to narrow it down to just one... so I'm going to cheat and do two each. :)

The opening story by Gail Simone with George Perez artwork is just the sort of meeting-of-the-giants that makes a special issue like this truly special. And hey - we get to see Misfit again! I can't help but wonder where the rest of the Birds of Prey are, though.

The Amanda Conner story is a nice little coda to her Power Girl series, with Diana utilizing one of her less-often used powers to help Karen out with one of her supporting cast.

BAD THING: The preview of the upcoming series does not inspire confidence AT ALL. But probably the worst part is the unintentional irony of the essay at the end in which J. Michael Straczynski talks about how he is redefining Wonder Woman for the 21st century in order to stop her from being defined by what men expect Wonder Woman to be.

Also, is it just me, or does the drawing of Diana in the new costume on this page looks WAY too much like Megan Fox?! Yeech.

The Final Verdict: A fitting capstone for the pyramid of the Wonder Woman legacy. Would that the preview of the future was as inspiring as the tributes of what came before.


  1. Oh good, the Conner story. It's probably the best thing in there.
    I think somewhere it was mentioned that Simone wanted to showcase the 'new' female additions to the DC universe, or those under-exposed.
    Works for me.
    Though you gotta wonder about what Misfit's reaction was to Steph-Batgirl.

  2. Actually, a more interesting question is how Misfit feels about Babs having taken on a different teen sidekick.

  3. What? That's the girl whose autopsy photos Oracle tried to use to scare me out of being a hero? Damn, she looks good. Wish I could fill out a skin-tight outfit like that! Oooh... I wonder if Oracle will let me get a costume like that!

  4. I got excited thinking for a second that was mary.. then I was like Fucking sonofabitch its that thing. >_< Then I saw the horror tha tis the costume.. again.

  5. ALso: Happy Eating Trapped in shiney Round thing that she sets free
    HAH. I love that.

  6. Yes. But THAT costume is actually appropriate to Black Alice, so I thought it was sorta funny she showed up in that.

  7. Yeah. I love the fake out. When I first saw this panel on Scans-Daily, I thought for sure it was about Vartox. :)

  8. that thing refers to black alice. Not A Fan.

  9. I don't see a resembalence to Megsn Fox myself.

  10. Well, maybe it's just me.
    I know I have seen articles since then talking about the new costume in terms of being a good one for a movie and they all have that stupid photo manipulation of Megan Fox in the old Wonder Woman costume...