Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Serenity: Float Out

BAD THING: For a Serenity special about comic-hero pilot Wash written by comedian and Serenity fanboy Patton Oswalt, this comic is surprisingly free of both Wash and comedy. In fact, the best joke in the book is in the dedication to Alan Tyduk at the start of the comic.

What takes up the rest of the book? Mostly a lot of ugly drawings of spaceships as three men we have no emotional connection to tell us about how awesome Wash was.

GOOD THING: The last few pages when Zoe shows up and the revelation we get on the final page more than make up for the rest of the comic. In fact, this is SUCH a surprise ending, I'm not even going to display the image here. You'll have to follow the link below to see it.

Last Chance To Back Out Before Seeing The Surprise!

The Final Verdict: A must-read for all Serenity fans. Easily skipped by every one else. The artwork is just plain ugly and the surprisingly humor-free story that breaks the "show, don't tell" rule of storytelling is made tolerable only by the surprise conclusion. Anybody else wishing to get into the world of Serenity should check out the show, the movie or the Better Days or Those Left Behind comics instead.


  1. It was pretty dry given the writer. His JLA one-shot had lots of little funny moments in scenes. Hell it had a cameo by the Heckler. The. Heckler!

  2. And Ambush Bug! Planning a kegger on the Watchtower with Plastic Man!

  3. Hah!
    In my 'Bizzaro Universe What If' scenarios, where Firefly lasted more than a season and a movie, that exact twist was something I figured would happen.
    That, and Saffron joining the crew at some point, 'cause that'd be hilarious (and on par for Wheadonish 'recruiting the bad guys'-ness). She could sleep with Jayne.

  4. Well, it IS a standard trope for drama.