Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Doctor Who #11

GOOD THING: It looks like Captain Erisa Magambo (i.e. current acting field commander for UNIT) has about as much respect for Martha Jones and her abilities as I do: None At All. Note the use of the word Miss instead of "Doctor". Martha also gets a bit of abuse at the hands of The Advocate, who notes that she STILL isn't over The Doctor even after getting married to "Tin Dog" Mickey Smith.

BAD THING: Apart from being reminded again about Mickey Smith's fate worse than death and wondering why the hell - after everything he went through with Rose - he'd ever hook up with another woman obsessively in love with The Doctor?

Well, one sticking point is that The Doctor's new companions are barely used in this episode. Nice as it is to see Martha being outed as the overrated whiner she is, there is more time is devoted to Martha flaking out on Captain Magambo, defying orders and bitching about having to save The Doctor's new female sidekick (Another blonde? Of course...) than Emily actually fighting the alien invaders. And Matthew's role is limited to giving credibility to the villainous Advocate, who quickly takes over the UNIT operation and turns Captain Magambo against The Doctor and company.

The Final Verdict: Bad news - there's a lot of Martha whining that takes up more space than the actual action of the story. Good news - she gets dressed down for being the gung-ho wannabe Bond Girl she pretends at being. And the plot starts to thicken as we find out more about The Advocate and her grudge against The Doctor. Martha fans may be disappointed, but the rest of you will love this book.


  1. going against the main character? That's a sure way to get yourself killed

  2. Well, this IS UNIT we're talking about. They're somewhere just above Storm Troopers but below Red Shirts on the "Nameless Mook Mortality Rate" chart.