Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Birds of Prey #1

GOOD THING: Oh, Dinah... I've MISSED seeing you being written this well.

BAD THING: The Hawk and Dove scenes stick out like a sore thumb. Granting that we do need some kind of introduction for those who haven't been reading Brightest Day so far, they do seem a bit like they were added in as an afterthought to an already completed Birds of Prey reunion script.

The Final Verdict: Almost a flawless return. But for all the picture-perfect moments in this book... and all the shout-outs to long-neglected characters... the inclusion of Hawk and Dove seems to be a bit too much... like icing on a sweet cake that doesn't need it. Still... The Birds Are Back!


  1. I love Hawk and Dove, so let me just put it this way:
    They -were- basically jacked into the story.
    I know this isn't Simone's fault, having seen Brightest Day 0, but this retconning of Hawk and Dove into Avatars of War and Peace, as nice as it is, is basically pretty screwed up... especially that whole "Superheroes' conscience" thing they seemed to have added as a tagline.
    What? It smacks of a Geoff Johns thing where he basically reduces characters down to one or two traits, and then that's what defines them thereafter. I like it in some cases, when the characters have no personalities to start with (Hi, Hal!), but... this annoys me when I've already read the Kesel Hawk and Dove, which was more complicated with regard to their whole relationship.
    And I'll say this, but Dawn should -not- be walking around with white hair in a ponytail. She originally was a short-haired blonde. I mean... secret identity, right? Dove? Dawn?
    And given their rather confused relationship (siblings? lovers? best friends? murderer/victim? Rapist/victim?), I just have a whole lot of question as to how Hank and Dawn got to the point where Dawn apparently is tagging along to bars so Hank can get it on with strangers. Like, how does Hank Hall manage to -not- go to jail for what he was doing as Extant/etc, while Professor Zoom and Captain Boomerang do?
    On the bright side.
    You totally left out the Huntress "Don't look for a marshmallow center" line that contrasts with her whole crying jag. _that_ was the Good Scene for me. :)

  2. Oh, that was glorious too. As was the mention of Sin's foster parents. And Charlie being safe somewhere. And Babs' thoughts on the Batcave being made wheelchair accessible.