Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Justice League: Generation Lost

BAD THING: Judd Winick has done the impossible and sucked all the humor out of a JLI book.

Okay - I know JLI hasn't always been a funny book. And I know that trying to go back to that sort of thing after everything Maxwell Lord did without some massive Superboy Prime wall-punching would be nigh unto impossible. But the tone of the interview Giffen and Winick gave a few months ago regarding this series suggested that it was going to be a comedy series.

However, rather than take the easy way out and complain about false-advertising and the fact that this book isn't what I was expecting, I would like to point out one thing... This book is completely unnecessary if you read Brightest Day #0!

Seriously! The entire book is build up to a scene we've already seen and a set-up we've already been briefed on!

GOOD THING: The back of the comic does feature a preview of Green Arrow #1. And it looks like my optimism was well-founded, so far.

The Final Verdict: Beware, JLI fans! This book is not what you think it is. Go read this week's Booster Gold for your weekly helping of Vitamin BWAHAHAHAHAHA! At least it had a Green Arrow #1 preview in the back as an antidote.


  1. Thankfully I wasn't planning on buying it anyway... still, thanks for the heads up

  2. I liked it, but then again, I was around for the original JLI run, and I can tell you, the series wasn't -all- BWAHAHAHAHAHA. This just strikes me more like the opening arc of JLI, where the humor was much more understated. Or the Despero arc. Or the Extremists arc.
    That said, this feels more like Giffen's in charge rather than Winick, which is a good thing, as I think Winick's better at character moments and dialogue than -plotting-, which usually leaves me scratching my head.

  3. Ok, I'm going to go ahead and refrain from reading this review until I read my copy. I already bought it so regardless, it's too late to turn back now. =D

  4. I just think Judd needs to go back to Indie books or creating his own characters.

  5. Ollie... a forest.. so much possibility and yet... so much crap had to happen for that. YEESH

  6. Ok, I read it last night and I'm going to have to give it (mostly) a thumbs up. I liked Giffen's plotting. I do agree that the scripting didn't quite have the same witty punch that it used to. But really, I don't get the feeling that it was supposed to. At least not yet. #1 issues are always all set-up and no pay-off.
    I am curious to see where the Max Lord thing is going (even though I still can't get behind turning Lord into a super-villain... the guy founded Super Buddies, dammit!)
    I'm also glad to see Captain Atom... who is somehow NOT Monarch again.
    But overall, I enjoyed it.

  7. Yeah. Like I said, it wasn't what I was expecting. I was hoping for BWAHAHAHAHA and it's... Judd Winick writing another team book where everyone sounds exactly the same.

  8. I know.
    The analogy I have now is that this Fall of Green Arrow is going to be Ollie's Emerald Twilight - the really bad story demanded by editorial that clears the field for something better to start.

  9. I'm not even sure it's possible to capture that magic again. That dynamic that it had back then. Especially since 52 when Booster is trying to grow up. And Blue Beetle is gone. (I think...) Max is an alpha villain. I hope I'm speaking too soon though.