Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Green Arrow #1 - I Called It!

SOURCE: Krul & GREEN ARROW: Star City's "Outlaw For the People"

"See, I told you we were emulating Robin Hood. The greatest part about the forest in Star City is that it has a two-fold effect on Green Arrow. First and foremost, it reinforces that Robin Hood vibe, and gives Ollie a place to call his own as he plays the part of a true outcast. It's not like Batman, where he is embraced by the authorities. Green Arrow is considered a threat by the powers that be, but the general citizenry knows he is on their side. On a completely other level, the forest plays into the whole mystery behind Brightest Day. The forest is strange and mysterious and not just because of its origins."


  1. I'm thinking on writing in and pointing out that Robin Hood has Merry Men. There was a monk(Hey, there Connor) and Maid Marian(Dinah's the closest thing to superhero royalty there is outside of actual royalty.)

  2. Oh, I've made this connection before. I mentioned Roy = Will Scarlet and Connor = Friar Tuck at some point in the past, during I Should Write GA/BC And the Dinah = Marian connection was made in Green Arrow Annual #4.

  3. Actually, here is where I specifically made the list.