Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Power Girl # 10

GOOD THING: This whole scenario in the comic book store and how Karen agrees to go with there with the teenage boy who is blackmailing her. The artwork is just perfect and filled with lots of cute little jokes to match the dialogue and Karen's own blatant lies regarding why she is there.

BAD THING: Not really a complaint about the comic itself but there are three pages of this comic that are taken up by a truly stupid ad cheering "75 Years Of The Hero Getting The Girl".

Ignoring the implication that "the girl" can't also be a hero and the general theme of women being prizes to be won by heroes rather than individuals... there has to have been two characters who were better suited to this treatment than Wonder Girl and Robin. Superman and Lois Lane? Barry Allen and Iris West? Ralph and Sue Dibny, maybe?

The Final Verdict: Still one of the most fun, best-drawn comics out there. I'm going to miss it in two months time.

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