Sunday, March 28, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Doctor Who #9

BAD THING: They brought back Martha Jones for a story. And much of the action is focused on her. And she's still kvetching about how badly The Doctor treated her.

Since I love you all too much to expose you to this sort of thing (we got enough of this during Season 3 and those three episodes in Season 4) here is a much better scan of The Doctor and new companion Emily

This is doubly funny if you know that David Tennant -who plays this version of The Doctor - recently played Hamlet to rave reviews.

GOOD THING: I'm glad to see that SOMEONE has finally taken Martha Jones to task over the fact that for all of her talk about being a healer and wanting to save lives first and foremost... that her first act after leaving The Doctor was to join a military organization whose main reaction to everything is Five Rounds Rapid and that she would have BLOWN UP THE EARTH in the name of "The Greater Good" had the Daleks not stopped her.

The Doctor is wrong though. She's just as much of a whiny, petulant child pretending to competence as ever. She isn't better than this. Indeed, the last glimpse we see of Martha in the recent bout of television specials... she is still with UNIT.

The Final Verdict: A solid issue, despite the presence and focus upon Martha. The story premise is a good one and the new artist manages the neat trick of making everything look cartoony without looking childish... which is just as Doctor Who should be. This looks like a kids book but adults can enjoy it too. There's also a lot of clever in-jokes for fans of the series, such as the revelation that Martha has taken over The Doctor's old job as UNIT's Civilian Science Adviser and is continuing the tradition of shouting orders at people who shouldn't officially be listening to her.


  1. Actually the last glimpse we have of Martha is freelancing and Married to Mickey... which was insane and insane again. >_<

  2. I thought they were both with UNIT, hence the black uniforms.
    Agreed, though. Mickey certainly deserves better and it doesn't make a lick of sense for him - after everything that happened with Rose - to hitch up with a woman who was even MORE gaga over The Doctor and "Why couldn't he be with Meeeeeeee?" and "I want an Oompa-Loompa Nooooooooow!"