Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Blackest Night #8

GOOD THING: This moment. Just... THIS.

BAD THING: We're left with a lot more questions than answers at the end of this and while I'm sure this is going to lead to some really good stories, it's just really annoying that in the wake of the mass resurrections we see here that there are people who were excluded from the final "Get Out Of The Afterlife" free card and that we have no explanation for WHY they didn't come back.

I'm also seriously peeved that - with Blackest Night now firmly set BEFORE Cry For Justice, there's no chance of a miraculous resurrection for Lian Harper.

The Final Verdict: The failure of some characters to be resurrected at the end may piss you off. And it raises more questions than it answers. But the annoyance raised by those questions is balanced out by some very awesome character moments.


  1. Kind of like Hal said to Flash, I hope there is actually a good reason WHY these characters got left out.
    Also, is Deadman now just Man? :)

  2. Kind of like Hal said to Flash, I hope there is actually a good reason WHY these characters got left out.
    My theory is that - for some of them, at least - it's a matter of them WANTING to come back.
    Like Hal says in the issue, all of the people who died who came back from the dead ultimately made a choice to do so. And he's right. You go through all of the relevant stories - Death of Superman, Quiver, Day of Judgment - all of them were dead and made a choice to come back.
    So if you look at somebody like Don Hall (Dove), who was so at peace that even the Black Lantern ring could bring him back... or Ralph and Sue (who, last we saw them, were together again and quite happy as a pair of mystery-solving ghosts)... it's easy to see that a LOT of these people might not want to come back to life.

  3. I'm thinking it has to do with guys who died to keep the universe on track in the various Crisi.
    Reverse Flash's death led to Barry living in the future and heading back during CoIE for example.
    I think Captain Boomerang's death played a key part in how IdC ended which led to Jean Loring becoming Eclipso and IC wouldn't have played out right without that.

  4. That's an interesting possibility, save that I'm not sure what important role the Hawks played in the Crises.
    Besides, if that were the case, Ralph would have come back due to his role in 52, which was just as important as Digger's role in Identity Crisis if not moreso.

  5. How about Livingman? He's a man with all the strength, speed, and agility of being alive!

  6. Or Man Man? All the powers of a man, but he's a man!