Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sword And Sorcery Sunday: Warlord #10

GOOD THING: A little bit of time is devoted to each of the books on-going subplots.

* Kate Archer reveals just how she has resurrected Travis Morgan's arch-enemy, the wizard Deimos.
* Tinder sets about trying to succeed where Morgan failed in establishing a nation based on justice and freedom, over Morgan's objections
* Ewan McBane begins making a documentary about Travis Morgan, interviewing his three closest comrades-in-arms.

BAD THING: With the exception of two pages in the middle and the first and last pages of the books, this entire issue is composed of two-page splashes. While the art is beautiful (and also virtually unscanable with my equipment) it only serves to make the book seem even shorter than it is. Not much really happens in terms of the plot with the only real advancement being that we learned that Deimos is amnesiac.

The Final Verdict: It's a gorgeous book, but nothing really happens in this issue. There's a lot of flashbacks to the old Warlord series and quite a bit about things Travis Morgan has done and what sort of man he is... but almost no new information has been introduced and - like Skartaris itself - it almost feels like time is standing still in regards to this book. Something had better happen and soon or I might have to start reconsider picking this up.

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