Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Catwoman #83

GOOD THING: Tony Bedard writes the best Harley and Ivy this side of Paul Dini. And they are used to good effect here as Selina's back-up in fighting a Black Lantern Black Mask.

BAD THING: The ending seems to be setting up something big... which seems unfortunate in something that we know is meant to be a one-shot ending the series again with no loose ends. And the loose end left behind is a pretty big one that deserves resolution.

The Final Verdict: A decent all-around issue. The story is pretty standard stuff, made all the more enjoyable for the inclusion of Harley and Ivy. The ending is a bit questionable, seeming to suggest a continuation of the story that we know isn't coming... probably. Still, the artwork is great.

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