Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Starman #81

I know I still haven't gotten around to reviewing most of LAST week's comics... but I think everyone is curious to note how I'll rate this book, being the source of my nickname and all.

GOOD THING: The Shade proving to be immune to the Black Lantern's main method of attack... and more, capable of turning his own black heart into a weapon against the Black Lantern who attacked him.

BAD THING: Fernando Dagnino is no Tony Harris. His style seems far too sketchy for my taste and - somehow - manages the trick of looking overly sketched AND over-inked, thanks to the colorist's choice in pallet. Granting that this is a Shade story, things don't need to look like ink was smudged on the page.

The Final Verdict: This is the James Robinson we know and love. A fitting continuation of the Starman saga, which doesn't change a bit of the original ending and indeed builds upon something that was hinted to be coming. A must read for all fans of the Opal City crowd, despite some artwork that is - much like The Shade - a bit dark and more than a little dodgy.

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