Monday, December 7, 2009

Secret War on Women? It's about as secret as the actual Secret War.

SOURCE: Marvel Comics's Secret War On Women

Seriously? Secret War on Women?

Not much of a secret, is it?

How secret can it be when the Editor In Chief told a female reader who was concerned about the blatant sexism of the Marvel Divas series that "...if you’re Marvel reader and truly feel we’re sexist, then why are you reading our books? Now, perhaps you’re not a Marvel reader, then if that’s the case, I’m not quite sure what you’re criticizing if you don’t read our books..."

Or, in more coherent and gramatically correct language, Why are you reading our books if you think we are sexist? And if you are not reading our books, why are you complaining about them?

Feh. If anyone needs me, I'll be rereading Wonder Woman: The Circle.

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