Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Blackest Night #5

GOOD THING: Oh, there's so many good and amazing moments... but none can really compare to the final pages, in which we find out that Nekron can not only raise the dead... he can control those who have died and come back from the dead, because he allowed them to come back from the dead in the first place. So suddenly... Superman, Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Superboy, Kid Flash, Ice, Animal Man and Green Arrow... ALL of them are now zombified. And a set of Black Rings are moving in on Hal Jordan and Barry Allen... who have both come back from the dead, also.

BAD THING: We have to wait TWO WHOLE MONTHS for the next issue!

The Final Verdict: Awesome. Totally awesome.


  1. I've been wanting to bring this up for awhile:
    Would you be able to make all these Good Thing/Bad Thing reviews into one post, instead of making a separate post for each? It tends to take up a lot of room on my friends list.

  2. It's a double-edge sword.
    On the one hand, I realize that by doing all of these in a rush (which is how I rush) DOES crowd up the friends list.
    On the other hand, I've noticed that the number of comments on the "Full List Of Reviews" posts I did in the past aren't anywhere near as high as the numbers I have gotten ever since I started doing Good Thing/Bad Thing.
    What if I were to parcel the reviews out over a week rather than doing them all in one night? Would that help?

  3. *nods* I can understand why you do it. But I think doing them, say, once a day or something would be a good compromise. ;)

  4. It would keep me from having to devote one evening to writing, too.

  5. It's January that's the month without an issue of Blackest Night.
    This reads to me as one of comics periodic attempts to give death meaning by limiting resurrections. But the problem with that is I just never believe villains.

  6. I think it's more Johns is trying to explain just WHY there have been so many resurrections lately. The word is that DC is going to start cracking down on needless deaths/resurrections after this, but as much as I love this storyline... even I don't think that's likely.