Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Outsiders #25

GOOD THING: Lots of interesting information on how other heroes are able to interact with the Black Lanterns. Light-generator Halo, for instance, proves to be uniquely suited toward fighting them. And Katana's soul-sucking sword proves to do more damage to her than to the Black Lanterns of her family she tries to fight.

BAD THING: I'm not much of an Outsiders fan, so maybe someone can answer this question for me: are there ANY stories centering upon GeoForce that DON'T focus on him dealing with his feelings regarding his sister being a murderous villain? Just curious. Because I swear this is the second story I've read in as many years centering upon that premise.

The Final Verdict: A damn-sight more enjoyable and accessible than most of the Blackest Night tie-ins so far. I don't really care much about The Outsiders as a team but I imagine fans of the characters must be happy with this book, if all the issues are of this high quality.


  1. Yes, there are also Geo-Force stories where his royal relatives get killed off by paramilitaries or vampires or something. Of course, since everyone ahead of him in line for the throne is dead now, there aren't so many of those (& I think only Mike W. Barr even wrote those).
    There was a period where he was going to school in Gotham & had a girlfriend & was just being a super-hero, another period where he was in Los Angeles, trying to lead the Outsiders (with Black Lightning's help) & separated from said girlfriend (he had a brief affair with Looker in there, & was guilting about it). And he had a pretty cool if largely unexplored relationship with Dr Helga Jace, who gave him the powers, but she got trashed in "Millenium."
    Those are the ones that come to mind.

  2. Good to know. I figured there had to be SOMETHING more to the guy but it seems like attoning for his sister is all he has in some stories.

  3. Easier to just pick up the 'Batman and the Outsiders' showcase... it's about the only time I've ever liked Geo-Force, and I suspect that it's colored my views on him since, that I'm willing to overlook all those 'Terra' angst.

  4. Again, I wasn't sure if there was more than that since I've only read two other stories with the guy that I can remember and both of those were by Brad Meltzer.

  5. Well, the Wolfman/Pérez New Teen Titans sold A LOT more than the Barr/Aparo Outsiders. So there are a lot of Titans fans out there who remember Terra, & reinforce her profile by coming up with new "Terra" characters & such; & relatively few Outsiders fans who bring back Brion & his compadres.
    I personally like BATO/Outsiders better, at least before the Erik Larsen stuff. But what's already hot (& was actually in schools, remember the anti-drug issues) tends to pick up more fans.