Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Doctor Who #6

GOOD THING: Lots of references to characters and races from the Classic Doctor Who series, mixing and mingling with races introduced in the new Doctor Who series make this accessible to Doctor Who fans of both series.

BAD THING: I may stand alone on this but I had hoped to see some more adventures of The Doctor as a solo act, similar to the Doctor Who Specials we've seen with David Tenant this past year. Saddling him with a new set of companions right now, after such great play was made about how The Doctor doesn't want to grow attached to anyone again at the end of Season 4, seems kinda... off.

The Final Verdict: Still a must-read for all fans of The Doctor, though I'm already questioning the suitability of the new companions.


  1. I"d rather see your thoughts on Waters of Mars.. which I adored.

  2. Afraid I haven't seen that one yet. Was waiting for it to be DVRed so I could watch it with the local Whovian fans among my friends.