Wednesday, December 16, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #16

BAD THING: The main plot of this issue - Black Alice comes after the Secret Six seeking employment - is a little implausible. Don't get me wrong - Simone writing Alice is always fun and seeing her make a serious go of being a villain after her rather muted use in Birds of Prey after Simone left the title promises to be amusing. The problem is that given how powerful Alice is, money shouldn't really be a major worry for her.

GOOD THING: The art by artist Peter Nguyen manages to perfectly capture the odd mix of humor and action that makes this book what it is. I miss Nicola Scott but Nguyen is a fitting substitute.

The Final Verdict: Despite a plot that seems to work a little too hard to introduce Black Alice into the world of the Secret Six, this is still an enjoyable issue of a very enjoyable series. With Black Alice coming into play, can an appearance by Misfit be far away? We can only hope.


  1. I dunno about MIsfit in SS. She's too nice a kid.
    On the other hand, maybe she could become "Kitten" for Catman?
    "I don't want a side kick!"

  2. Oh, no no no. You misunderstand. I don't want her joining the team.
    I want her to FIGHT them. And win. :)
    She could totally do it too. I have it all worked out.

  3. Man. Superhero-themed strippers are always weird territory, if you ask me.
    Which, in this case, seems to be the point, but still!

  4. Ah, but would you pay money for it?

  5. Actually, these are super-VILLAIN themed strippers.
    Which is no less weird, but still.
    Actually, am I the only one who noticed that the some of the "villaineses" are wearing just as much if not more than the real super villains?