Thursday, November 12, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Jon Sable: Freelance - Ashes of Eden #2

GOOD THING: The issue does (re)introduce us to all of Jon's supporting cast and set up what promises to be a rather daring heist scene in the next issue, as we get the details of the security guarding the diamond displays John has been hired to protect.

BAD THING: This issue is heavy on the setup/exposition and light on the action. Quite a rare thing to say about a Mike Grell book!

The Final Verdict: It's a gorgeous book that does a masterful job of reestablishing Jon Sable's support team for new readers or old readers who haven't read the series in a while. Its' one failing is that nothing much really happens in this issue while a heck of a lot of things are set up.

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