Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #14

BAD THING: Much as I usually like how Simone writes Wonder Woman, I can't see Diana - what with the Amazon's history of being forced into slavery by Hercules and what not - threatening someone who killed slavers because, well... they're slavers. I suppose that for Diana, allowing them time to get away before she starts looking for them IS merciful, but still... it feels off.

GOOD THING: It's hard to pick just one, but I have to go with the final page and Deadshot - yes, Deadshot - showing that moral alignment isn't a matter of where you stand - it's a matter of which way you're facing when the fight starts.

My favorite book every month. The perfect balance of good art, comedy, pathos and action. If you're not reading it, you need to start.

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