Tuesday, October 27, 2009

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Fables #89

Witches: Part Three, in review.

GOOD THING: It does have a great last page. Who knew that reading was a superpower?! As a librarian, I heartily approve.

BAD THING: The most exciting part of the issue is the preview of the Cinderella mini-series at the end; nice to see there's at least one positive female character in this series who hasn't been marginalized yet.

Still no sign of Rose Red. In fact, this time, there's no sign of the pregnant Beauty and barely anything involving the titular witches. What we do get, however, is comic relief flying-monkey Bufkin playing unlikely hero. Which is okay, but... female character going crazy... another one giving birth to a monster... shouldn't that be getting a mention right now since they're kinda main characters?


  1. Hrmmmmm Cinderella... how intriguing...

  2. Well, in the Fables universe, she's become a secret agent working for whoever is charge of Fables law enforcement. And she's quite the bad ass.
    Which is really funny because everyone thinks she's the flighty blonde who runs the town shoe store.