Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Six Things To Love In Secret Six #12

1. Ragdoll. Just Ragdoll. But especially Ragdoll looting the body of an unconscious Wonder Woman.

2. Scandal Savage staring down a gang of hardened, heavily-armed slavers and telling them they only have half a minute to live.

3. The fact that they believe her.

4. Parenting The Vandal Savage Way! Where you celebrate your daughter's 9th birthday by running her through a gauntlet, telling her that her mother will die if she doesn't make it and then giving her her first weapon, a combat lesson and a second chance as a present.

5. Deadshot's daydreams indicating that his conscience may not be nearly as dead as he claims it to be. Either that or he's more annoyed by his current bosses than his teammates.

6. Catman, looking ever so pimp, as he makes the greatest entrance ever.

Long Story Short: This Is Officially Now My Favorite Book. :)


  1. *claps*
    I SO love this book. Really. :) All the characters are SO messed up yet because of that they're incredibly entertaining. Catman, especially, is a fave with his constant 'I'm no hero' comments and heroic acts. He's so in denial! *lol*

  2. See, the thing I love is that every character actually has heroic impulses. Except maybe Ragdoll. And I firmly agree with Simone's assessment of the characters and that quite often they will do the right thing for the wrong reasons or just make things all the worse while doing the right thing.
    This entire arc being a case in point as I don't think for a minute the more militant Bana Amazons are going to be quite so understanding about this whole mess as their Greek sisters.
    Which begs the question of how they'll treat Ragdoll, since most of them are literal man-haters. :)

  3. Jeannette and Deadshot are my absolute favourite messed up couple right now, and this issue did a wonderful job of ripping at my heart strings.
    The way I read Floyd right now, is that he's actually making an effort to pretend his conscience dead. He wants to run off and join his friends, but he's forcing himself to prioritise the job, because he's scared of friendship - if scared is the right word. He loves his friends, but resents that love as a weakness, so he's acting against Floyd's desires, because that's what Deadshot would do.
    This has been my favourite title since it started, and I can't wait for more..

  4. *nods* That's a fair assessment of Floyd's character. And of course, his daydream is forgotten when his reputation for always honoring his contract - the one thing he truly gives a damn about - is brought up.
    Mind you, he's less than happy about this. Especially this has him paired up with the one person on the team capable of making even HIM feel uncomfortable and disturbed.
    "Shall I do a dance to amuse you?" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. Deadshot is shooting Ragdoll in his daydream as well. I think dude just likes to shoot things.

  6. Oh he does. But Ragdoll is also the only person on the team who makes Deadshot feel uncomfortable. And that takes some doing.