Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Six Things To Love In Green Lantern Corps #40

I like this format. Let's do it again, shall we?

1. Kyle Rayner's aura to the eyes of a Black Lantern; a mixture of Love, Compassion and Willpower. This, more than anything else, shows how well Peter Tomasi understands Kyle as a character.

2. The Star Sapphire Miri Riam and the Sinestro Corps Soldier Kryb joining forces to find out what happened to all the babies Kryb has kidnapped.

3. The sudden power struggle between the Manhunter-technology enhanced Alpha Lanterns and the non-cyborg Green Lanterns holding leadership posts... which lasts all of two minutes thanks to Salaak.

4. Salaak quoting from The Book Of Guy in his dressing down of said Alpha Lanterns.

5. Kyle proving just why he's in the Honor Guard and that he's no fool, even when faced with a girlfriend returned from the dead.

6. The return of Katma Tui in a way that we couldn't possibly... actually, we saw this coming a mile away. But it's still awesome to finally see it!


  1. Katma is either going for poor John or heading home to Kougar. Neither will end well, I bet.

  2. Oh, I'd say both will happen. It's just a question of which one first...

  3. Dude, I dig this format, keep it up. I love when Kyle is used well. He is one of my favorite characters, Tomasi is making him look good most of the time.
    Salaak was pure badass.

  4. Well, not that Johns made Kyle look BAD. Especially not in Rebirth. But Tomasi seems to love Kyle like Johns loves Hal.
    And yeah - I like this format too. Perfect bled of pictures and text for those times I don't feel like writing a lot or don't have time to write a lot but still want to communicate how good a book is without writing out the whole story.

  5. Well, you know she just HAD to come back after this idea was announced, right?
    And if it is any comfort at all? John Stewart got exposed to a Blue Lantern ring. Blue Lantern rings have a side-effect of trying to lift the spirits of anyone around them by giving them a vision of something they hope will happen coming true.
    Guess what John's vision was? :)

  6. Johns didn't make him look bad, he made him look like an afterthought.

  7. I think Kyle is the first character to have compassion show up in his aura. Very cool.

  8. He is. Even Superman was lacking Compassion.

  9. Cool. I'll have to see who once I get my comics today. (NO SPOILERS!)