Monday, July 20, 2009

The First Five Minutes of Green Lantern: First Flight....

... and they are AWESOME!

Best Touch? Hal Jordan's "huh" to the realization that he is flying without any obvious means of propulsion and his first reaction upon exposure to a downed UFO being to run and help the pilot. Honest and fearless indeed. :)


  1. Thanks to working at Blockbuster, I got to see it ahead of the release date.
    And it was...okay. Nowhere near as good as New Frontier or Wonder Woman, but...just okay.
    They pretty much skip over Earth pretty quick and the rest just takes place in space.
    Honestly, Sinestro got more development than Jordan. Hal doesn't really get much in the way of development at all in comparison.
    Still, lots of cool scenes and the designs on the alien worlds and especially aliens were really well done.

  2. How does it stack up with Secret Origins, plot wise?

  3. Was Secret Origins the post-Sinestro Corps story?
    Haven't read it due to DC being asshats about feeling the need to release their trades in hardcovers, first.

  4. For what it's worth, that makes it a lot easier for Libraries to get Graphic Novels. We're more likely to spend money on a HC that will last longer. But that is neither here nor there.
    Yes, Secret Origins was the flashback story that retold how Hal became Green Lantern, Sinestro his mentor and a lot of the Green Lantern villain origins in the context of a New Earth environment. The only real major changes are...
    a) the radioactive that gave Hector Hammond telepathy has now been retconned into being the remnants of Abin Sur's ship.
    b) Sinestro and Abin Sur were friends, both secretly investigating the rumors of The Guardians hiding something.
    c) Sinestro and Hal meet as Sinestro is chasing Atrocicus (aka eventual leader of the Red Lanterns), who has a hand in creating Black Hand - his energy-draining wand is stolen by William Hand.
    d) Sinestro, like Abin Sur in that one Alan Moore story, is given a prophecy that eventually leads to his downfall.

  5. Oh gee, thanks MTV. We foreigners hate you too.
    Fortunately I got to see it here, and it does look great! I may be converted to GL yet.