Monday, July 20, 2009

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 07/15/09

Yes, I know - I am pushing the definition of Fast Thoughts. But I didn't get my comics until Saturday and spent most of Sunday struggling with how to approach Blackest Night.

Look for a post about that, later tonight.

DOCTOR WHO #1 - If you're a Doctor Who fan and you like comics, you should be reading this book. Period.

The story is fantastic, as well you might expect coming from Tony Lee the gent who wrote Doctor Who: The Forgotten which was easily the best of the original Doctor Who mini-series published by IDW. The art by Al Davison perfectly captures the manic pace of the show as well as the likeness of The Tenth Doctor. And when your biggest complaint is the fact that they are having to use an expy of Charlie Chaplin rather than the real McCoy for legal reasons... well, that's a pretty good sign you have a quality book, I think.

Highly recommended!

FABLES #86 - I was hoping for some resolution regarding whether or not Rose Red had been raped by Jack and what the hell the other characters are doing about her apparent breakdown. What we got was a lot of background and pathos for characters we haven't seen nor do I expect to see again, detailing how our new Big Bad (aka Mister Dark) was captured by forces of The Adversary and hwo it was The Fables who were indirectly responsible for him being freed.

This might be interesting background if we hadn't just spent several months without any inkling exactly who or what Mister Dark is and just come off of a mini-series where most of the series regulars were wasted and didn't do a damn thing that had anything to do with the main storyline of either this book OR The Great Fables Crossover.

Skip it unless you're a completist.

TITANS #15 - Not a bad comic, though it has very little to do with Blackest Night. At the very least, I fail to see how it is a "Prelude To Blackest Night" unless Zombie Aquaman comes back angry about Aqualad taking his throne and allowing his ex-girlfriend (i.e. Aqualad's wife, Dolphin) to die.

Still, this story is easily accessible to readers like me who haven't read Titans before, don't care much about the Atlantis corner of the DC Universe and it does tell you a lot about Garth as a character and really does make you care about him. And when a story can make you give a damn about Aqualad... well, mission accomplished - I don't feel like I wasted three bucks on a comic that doesn't seem to have anything to do with Blackest Night.

I wouldn't say you have to read it, but it's not a bad book by any stretch of the imagination.

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