Saturday, June 20, 2009

Think Home Alone... only with two girls and a lot more arrows...

Since my birthday is this weekend and I'm not sure exactly when - if ever - I'll be around to type these entries into the computer, I've decided to give you all Saturday and Sunday's entries a little early.

Pete Lomax is a nobody. An ordinary person. And something of an idiot savant minus the savant.

Bad enough that he decided to go into the villain business and then killed his agent. Bad enough he decided to adopt an archery theme in Star City. But worst of all, he made the mistake of shooting Black Canary with an arrow in front of Green Arrow... and then tried to out-shoot Green Arrow.

Still, the prisons of Star City are crowded enough with real murderers let alone attempted ones. And since he wasn't really a costumed criminal, it was easy enough for Pete to get early parole. He emerged into the world to learn that Green Arrow and Black Canary's names were public knowledge.

He knew who they were. He knew where they lived. And thanks to some photos on the Internet, he also knew they had kids. And he knew - after a few days observation - that most of the family was in and out of the house pretty often leaving one person behind with at least one young girl... maybe two.

That's what Peter Lomax knew. But what he didn't know could fill a battleship.

He didn't know that Oliver Queen had fallen asleep on the couch the day he made his assault.

He didn't know that Sin, Black Canary's daughter, had been trained by the League of Assassins in martial arts since birth.

He didn't know that Lian, Red Arrow's daughter, had been trained by her dad in all manner of unarmed and armed fighting techniques and that her favorite toy as a toddler was a box full of unloaded guns.

He didn't know that Ollie had been training the kids for just such an emergency, in case something ever happened and he wasn't there.

And what Pete Lomax didn't know above all else - was that today was going to be the most painful AND humiliating day of his life.

Think Dan Backslide screaming for The Dover Boys to rescue him. :)


This one came about because of three things.

1. My desire to do a story where Lian and Sin have to team-up to fight a villain.

2. My desire to bring back Pete Lomax (a.k.a. Arrow Man, a.k.a. The idiot who shot Black Canary with an arrow in front of Green Arrow and then tried to out-shoot him, from Alan Moore's Night Olympics) for one story.

3. , who has been helping me a bit with image scans and continuity research of some issues I don't have access too (especially the Roy Harper and Cissie Jones-King stuff), suggested the "Young and the Restless" parody title in order to stop me from using "The Brats and the Bold" when I described the idea for this story to him. It's a good one... although in retrospect, I seem to recall somemone calling Ollie and Dinah "The Bold And The Beautiful".

Thanks, Roy.


  1. *LOL*
    Oh, that would be FUN to read!

  2. The Brats and the bold is still an awesome title. I would totally read this but I also totaly want to read this supreme idiocy appearance.

  3. It's collected in Across The Universe. Originally was in Detective Comics #549-550.
    Also notable for a scene where two guys jacking a TV elect to surrender to Dinah rather than try and make a run for it after they show the uncommon good sense that anyone woman who challenges them without carrying a gun MUST be able to back up her claims of being able to hurt them. :)

  4. Now that I think about it, Bold and the Beautiful might have been me too, since I think we were talking about 'Batman and Green Arrow' being 'the Brave and the Bold' a long while ago.
    That would then therefore make Dinah the 'Beautiful'.

  5. I seem to recall someone using it in an actual GA/BC story, but I'll be arsed if I can remember where.

  6. Oh god yes. A Lian/Sin team up would be perfect!