Sunday, June 21, 2009

Do you come from a land down under?

It was supposed to be a nice, simple family vacation. Go to Nepal, to the hidden sanctuary where Connor Hawke escorted Sin to be kept in hiding away from the League of Assassins and then head back home to Star City with the family complete. Of course, The Arrow Family being what it is, things aren't nearly that simple.

Even though Ollie's ruse to fake Sin's death worked, The League has a habit of watching certain people "just in case". Particularly ones who have fought their agents before. Which would be - oh, just about everyone in the Lance/Queen household. So someone watched. Others followed. And before you could say "Change in Plans, Leggit!", our heroes (Ollie, Dinah, Mia, Connor, Sin and Lady Blackhawk for this adventure) found themselves trapped in the mountains without a ride as Aerie One was shot down and a horde of LoA agents showed up.

And that's when they noticed the cave. And the search for shelter became a much bigger quest for survival as they suddenly found themselves in a tropical jungle. Where the sun didn't set. Where the natives were primitive. And - oh yes - there were dinosaurs.

And that's when Ollie remembered a chance encounter with a man who could have been his twin, save for a few years difference in age, a few inches difference in height and the fact that Ollie's wardrobe never included a fur breech-cloth. A man who told Ollie and Dinah about having become king in such a land...

Yes. They are in Skartaris; Warlord's stomping grounds. And their first encounter with a small tribe of raptors would be just the first of many misadventures as they search for a way home.

Some will be humorous, such as Zinda deciding to "go native" after her costume gets ruined and trying to talk Dinah into going Irish McCalla with her.

(Ollie, naturally, will try to encourage this as well but Dinah will have none of it.)

Some will be deadly serious, as darn near every enemy that Travis Morgan has ever made will stumble across our team and mistake Ollie for Travis.

(Yes, Ollie and Travis will eventually met. Yes, Ollie is going to get him back for this.)

Of course Skartaris is deadly enough in and of itself. But for Mia, their side-trip may well become a death sentence - as her HIV medication supply begins to dwindle and questions begin to rise about just what kind of diseases Skataris may contain...


  1. *claps*
    Oh yeah, that WOULD be fun. ^__^ Hmm, Travis' daughter was a sorceress, right? Could she 'magic up' some HIV meds for Mia?

  2. Some will be humorous, such as Zinda deciding to "go native" after her costume gets ruined and trying to talk Dinah into going Irish McCalla with her.
    So, gonna get Frank Cho to be the artist for this arc? :)

  3. Magic is too easy a solution.
    Yes, I do have a solution.
    Yes, I am going into it tomorrow.

  4. Bite your tongue, man! I want my women to look real - not like a warning about the dangers of excessive plastic surgery.
    No... I'm thinking Nicola Scott.

  5. I thought this one would be about the Ghost of Captain Boomerang...

  6. Ha! Wait until I write 30 Ways To Fix Suicide Squad.

  7. Yeah. Sexy without being sleazy. It CAN be done!

    You are my favourite.

  9. "I only fight in a bikini when I'm attacked by ninjas in alcapulco!"

  10. I thought you'd see it my way.
    Of course if I had to get a "name" artist for this one, I'd rather get Benes than Cho.

    Much as Ed loves him some cheesecake, at least he is capable of drawing a decent pair of legs.
    I still have nightmares about Cho's Red Sonja covers, by Mitra!

  11. And blondes in animal skin bikinis! Don't forget that part.
    It doesn't matter much to me, but it's a big selling point with editorial.

  12. At the very least, she only does it in places that have a large number of rum drinks with umbrellas relative to the number of dinosaurs.
    Of course the issue is really less about what she fights in and more about not encouraging Ollie to strut around in something similar saying "Me Tarzan. You Jane."
    You know he'd do it, too.

  13. Zinda in an animal skin bikini.
    I had to give my libido time to wamr up before I hit it with that much awesome.
    Good Bob, I also want to see Nicola Scott draw Ollie in animal skins.

  14. Rest assured, I plan to be an equal opportunity offender with this one.
    Ollie will wind up in the Warlord costume by story's end.
    And he might just persuade Dinah into something leopard-print, assuming they are out of view of everyone else and he promises not to breath of word of playing "Tarzan/Jane".

  15. Equal opportunity objectification means bisexuals win! \o/

  16. I don't think "Hire Rucka or Ostrander to Write It" really requires 30 variations...

  17. Well, I need to write it in every language the new series will take the team to. :)