Monday, June 15, 2009

It's easy sometimes when you just coast along, But like it or not something always seems to go wrong

Fresh off the disbanding of the Justice League, Dinah Lance found herself a leader without a team.

Following The Joker’s attack on their base in Platinum Flats and Barbara Gordon declaring that she was quitting, the Birds of Prey found themselves a team without a leader.

It occurs to me that the one problem should naturally solve the other. Because as much as Barbara Gordon may like to think otherwise (Babs is rightly proud of her talents and accomplishments but she CAN be arrogant at times), The Birds can adapt to work without her… especially with a strong leader like Dinah in charge.

This is all pending approval from DC Editorial – whom don’t seem to have any plans for Huntress in the Bat-Books post-Battle for the Cowl and certainly don’t have any plans for Lady Blackhawk anywhere that I’ve seen – but I don’t think anyone would object to my bringing Dinah’s girlfriends into this book as supporting cast for the world-hopping adventures alongside the rest of the Arrow Family. Especially with a new bird in the form of Connor (as Black Hawk) taking an active role as Dinah’s protégé. Of course the core team will be made up of Dinah, Zinda, Helena, Connor and Mia but other heroes and heroines will be brought in as needed.

If she's free, I'd like to bring Spoiler into the team - let Dinah finish the job of training her that she started once upon a time.

I’m already imagining the shenanigans when Ted Grant and son find themselves needing back-up. Cats and Birds? It will write itself.

I’m also interested in the dynamics that Connor and Mia would add to the team.

Connor and Helena seem an interesting pairing, if only because she’s so cynical and he’s so innocent. They never did get a chance to interact in the JLA so I think it would be fun to bounce them off one another.

Mia and Helena I can becoming best friends since they are the respective “bad girls” of their circles and share the same snarky sense of humor.

Mia and Zinda would likely be at one another’s throats. As much grief as Mia gives Ollie about his old-fashioned ways, Ollie is a pup compared to Zinda, who is still astonished that there’s a Hank Williams Jr. and still calls gay men “Fancy Lads”. As easy going as Zinda is, she doesn’t take lightly to being mocked.

Zinda would be a bit wary of Connor taking the name he does and raise holy hell about it… at least until she was allowed to take Connor out for a test flight and see how he flew. Of course Zinda being Zinda and the Queen Charm being what it is, she’ll probably try and take Connor for a ride in the euphemistic sense as well; something that Connor will try to beg out due to there being someone else.


  1. HELL YES.
    And as soon as possible there would need to be a Birds/Secret Six rematch too.
    But unless DC goes through with making her Batgirl I see Babs rejoining the team eventually, but possibly as co-leader with Dinah.

  2. MMMMMMmmmmmMmmmMMmmmmmm You do continue to entice

  3. I actually did have a vague idea for that here, if only so I could co-write a crossover with Gail Simone. But having gone through how much time I want/need to devote to other things this evening, I don't think I can manage to do even all my vague plot ideas in just under 30 points.

  4. Oh, if only I could make the ladies purr that easily in real life.
    Sadly, brilliant ideas for revamping the DCU aren't much good as pick-up lines.

  5. Is there room for Misfit on this team? She's still Helena's ward, after all.

  6. Is she? You'll have to forgive me - I haven't read any of Battle for the Cowl and the last I checked, Babs left Charlie in the lurch.
    I do know Misfit is supposed to be in the new Batgirl book, which is why I left her out of this, figuring she was spoken for.
    But if given the choice, yes... I would love to have Misfit on my revamped Birds of Prey.

  7. It was just a throwaway line, but Babs apparently thought "go and live with Helena, she'll take care of you" was enough for the orphan she'd been living with. And I don't see Helena doing anything other than taking on Charlie when she was needed.
    And if any character can cope with being on more than one team, it's Misfit. She can be anywhere, after all.

  8. Ah yes. Now it comes back to me. I don't have the issues handy since all my Birds of Prey issues went to my girlfriend after I'd read them.
    And thank you - I am now picturing Misfit "jumping" in panting, and talking about how she just got back from being with team C in Europe!

  9. That'd be a great idea. I'm sure Dinah would need to call on Zinda frequently anyway if she and Ollie ever need to get out or Star City.
    Zinda/Connor would make for a great pairing.

  10. I thought so.
    Keep in mind that 90% of my ideas are fun for fun's sake.