Monday, June 15, 2009

And now, for those who wonder why I started writing this in the firstplace...

SOURCE: Heh. You guys thought GA/BC couldn't get any worse. from The New Scans Daily

The main feature this month focuses on the DC Universe’s bizarre answer to Thelma & Louise as Black Canary and her rival Cupid end up on the lam from both Big Game and the Star City Police! Meanwhile, this issue’s co-feature sees Green Arrow doing his best to bring down Big Game himself before the baddie can find either woman in GA’s life!

*face palms*

*goes to liquor cabinet*

*mixes up a Suffering Bastard*

So Dinah... in the span of three months... has gotten over her apparent (and highly illogical) jealousy of the psychopath who is stalking her husband.

The same stalker who killed a fair number of people and tried to kill an even larger number with her pathetic attempts at proving her love?

And Dinah is teamed up with her, Thelma and Louise style, running from the police and some other new villain?

*sighs* I don't think I could begin to describe what is wrong with this with only 30 points.

Ah well... it makes tomorrow's entry all the more ironic. You'll see what I mean in an hour.


  1. I can't believe it. I managed to drop it off my pull list just in time. I put up with Winick crapping all over it, but Kreisberg took such a shit, I had to give it up. My pull list now reads:
    Green Arrow
    Black Canary
    [do not pull if written by Winick or Kreisberg]
    And I've got them as separate items just in case there's a mini-series or something with just one of them. Hysterical, I know. Given that DC's treating them like the worse D-list hero in the company, chances of getting a good GA/BC in any variety is pretty fucking impossible. [Why, oh why couldn't Diggle have done more than Year One?]

  2. Heh. I didn't even put it on my sub. I gave up on Winick sometime in the 30's of Green Arrow and only bought the first issue of Kreisberg's GA/BC to give it a shot first.
    And I agree - Diggle needs to come back. Especially now that he's off Hellblazer.

  3. I wasn't reading GA when Winick had it the first time, and the thing that amazes me is that I like him on other stuff. "Outsiders" was a good time [I've only read up to the first 30 issues or so], and I like "Titans", but he just does terrible, terrible stuff to GA. I can definitely say I'm never picking up Kreisberg again. That guy can die in a fire.

  4. See, we'll have to agree to disagree on most of Winick's DC work. Though I did like most of his early Green Lantern run. And I think his Blood and Water mini for Vertigo was one of the best Vampire stories in recent memory.
    I think he suffers when trying to write established characters, in general. Exiles worked since he was doing alternate universe versions of the characters but most of his DC work has been lacking in regards to handling established characters and continuity.
    Pedro and Me made me cry, though. I won't lie.

  5. And here's way my general lack of DC continuity comes in handy. I know who the Titans are, but I don't have a detailed backstory for most of them, so reading "Titans" doesn't make me twitch like it probably makes you twitch.
    I need to find "Pedro and Me". I'll give credit where it's due, and I've never met someone who didn't like it.

  6. *ignores the GA/BC stuff totally*
    I'm however trying not to lick the monitor at the Polly bust or the Wonder Woman issue, Oh and that Secret Six.. not to shabby...

  7. *blinks*
    Between that and the purring in the other entry, I have to ask... just what the heck are you doing on the other side of this screen?

  8. Clearly nothing you get to know about.