Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gone Con-ing

Expect a massive three-weeks-worth of updates Fast Thoughts column next weekend.

I got last week's comics, but preparation for Why I Should Write Black Canary/Green Arrow has kept me from writing any reviews. I haven't gotten this week's comics yet, because I'm saving my money for Con Swag. And by the time I have time to get comics anytime next week, it will be next weekend.

Backtracking a little with that train of thought... did I say Con?

Yes, I did. Yes, I'm going to be sallying forth to A-Kon 20; likely The Biggest Anime/Manga fest in North America and certainly the biggest one in Dallas/Fort Worth ALLLLL weekend.

If you're in the area, you might be able to stop me and say hi. If I'm not at the Friday Night Rocky Horror Show (which I'll be MCing), I'll be hanging around the Pipoca Bizzarre/Deranged Comics booth, dancing for quarters in order to raise money for my library's Anime/Manga Club. Cause Daddy needs a complete set of Bleach for the children!

And if you can't make the Con and you like cute Anime-themed jewlery, check out Pipoca Bizzarre's website and buy something from them. I'd tell you to buy stuff from Doc too, but I'm not altogether sure if he has any swag left for sale.

Oh. And Part One of Why I Should Write Black Canary/Green Arrow will be out late Sunday night/Early Monday morning.

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