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Thoughts on HEROES, Season 4, Chapter 12 - An Invisible Thread

This is the end.... the end... the end of the season.

8:00 - Recap Time! Ando and Hiro go after Building 26 - Hiro hurts himself using his powers - Mohinderance gets tranked - Matt reunites with his ex-wife and son, deciding he must finish this battle so they can all have peace - Sylar is going even crazier and is now planning to replace The President - and Nathan goes off to confront Sylar alone.

8:01 - And Danko took down Sylar before he could kill Nathan... or maybe he killed Nathan first... And yay... more Mohinderance narration about everyone being special. "Perhaps there is a master plan that drives the chaos of creation..." And if you believe that, you'll believe anything.

8:02 - Angela had a dream.... Nathan is in trouble. He's not the only one as Noah realizes that the Feds are moving in and arranges for Angela and Claire to run away, even though I thought we saw them all getting caught last week... Maybe that was Angela's dream?

8:04 - And here's Sylar getting stabbed in the back of the head again. And Danko realizing he's done messed up. "Shape-shifting. Gotta love, it right?" Yes, Sylar shifted the vulnerable spot in the back of his head. He pins Danko to the wall and monologues on how he needs Nathan to take his memories (using that "history-reading" power he got from that one woman Angela fed him back in Season 3) and how he's going to become Nathan so he can then go on to meet and become The President. See, THIS is the kind of stakes you should be playing for with this show.

8:05 - I guess that means Sylar CAN'T get all of a person's memories just by touching a DNA sample after all. Damnit... I was proud of that theory. Shaking hands is apparently enough, though.

8:07 - And... Danko was played like a harp, with Sylar changing into him, firing shots at the men coming up the stairs, and changing back into his "Agent Alias" in time to "take down" the crazed commander. Nice.

8:10 - Angela lecturing Claire on how it's her fault Noah keeps putting himself in danger... somehow. She tells Claire to go up and talk to Nathan while she goes to figure out where Matt Parkman is since she saw him saving Nathan's life. Which can't be helpful if they know Sylar is masquerading AS Nathan. But Angela apparently can't stop visions from happening but she can work to make them happen. Geez, that kinda sucks.

8:11 - Ah. Nathan's not dead yet. Pity.

8:12 - Wait... so The President DOESN'T know that Nathan is a mutant? Why the hell didn't Danko go and tell him that after he pushed Nathan out a window and saw him fly? And if he didn't say "Hey, the head of the mutant-hunting program is a mutant!", how the hell did he get rehired?" after Nathan got Presidential permission to fire Danko for being a genocidal fuckwad?

8:14 - And Claire is insisting she has to say with Nathan. I think she knows...

8:15 - Okay. Hiro seems to have recovered but Ando is pleading caution on trying to use his power again since it gave him a headache "AND a nosebleed!" Naturally, Hiro is ready to die to save everyone locked up in Building 26, even if using his power may kill him. Predictable but cool. I really hope he isn't the one to die.

8:16 - "Fancy meeting you here." Ooooh hell. Danko locked in a cell with Noah. I almost feel sorry for the bald bastard.

Nah, not really.

8:19 - And Nathan wakes up just in time for Peter to show up. According to the comic, Peter was delayed dodging air-fire over Washington DC. Just in case you're wondering why it took Peter so long to catch up with Nathan. He was doped up on tranquilizer and trying to recover enough to be useful.

8:21 - Oh dammit... Danko admiting Noah was right. Noah saying that if it weren't for Claire, he'd be in the same position. The two about to shake hands to agree to work together to escape and stop Sylar.... and TIME STOP!

8:22 - And now Hiro's ear is bleeding. "Holy Crap!" A lot of people doped up.

8:23 - Hiro and Ando switch all the guards and staff with the people doped up. Of course they make the mistake of freeing Mohinder.

8:24 - Of course Noah figures it (i.e. why is our door suddenly unlocked and all the guards trussed-up) out in less than a minute.

And Hiro: "Bruce Wayne only slept for two hours a day..." BWAHAHA!

8:25 - Yeah. So Mohinder gives Hiro the "One More Time" speech, insisting that what is happening now with his powers is unnatural and doing it one more time will kill him. Betcha he will have to do it one more time before episode's end and Mohinder will be wrong.

8:26 - "I thought you were right handed?" Oh, Claire SOOOOO knows.

8:28 - And Sylar knows that she knows and answers her phone AS her when Noah calls. "Oh God, this is fun...."

8:30 - It just occurred to me... isn't Matt in California? How is he going to save "Nathan" (either of them) from across the country when everyone else is in Washington DC? Unless Angela was lying...

8:33 - Sylar moving Claire around telekinetically forcing her to walk and fix him wine. I can hear the fan-fic being written already.

8:34 - And here comes the "we are not so different, you and I" speech, with Sylar... ewwwwww... hitting on Claire and offering to make her the first First Lady.

8:35 - And Nathan finally admits to what he is... at the worst possible time; in front of a bunch of trigger happy Secret Service agents.

8:36 - Ah, and here it is... the plan? Get Peter close enough to Sylar to touch him. And whammy - the Peter/Sylar fight we've been waiting for four seasons.

8:37 - Except Claire gets tossed out of the room... Sylar gets the lighting ready as the doors close as Peter and Nathan fly and charge.

8:38 - Claire runs in to find a dazed and confused Peter... she says they need to go after them (Sylar and Nathan both went out the window) and Peter... does not fly out the window. Looks like he touched Sylar and he's adjusting to the power shock... I hope.

8:39 - And... there's a dead Nathan. Throat slit by Sylar. "Oh, Claire is going to be so mad at me..." Guess that answers the questions as to who the "person around since the first episode" Sylar would be killing is.

8:41 - Commercial Time. Just realized something... Either Matt is about to become the biggest bitch ever and save Sylar "Nathan" from everyone else... or Matt is about to show up and wave away the illusion of the dead Nathan.

8:42 - Matt just getting into town. Angela is waiting for him. Matt tells her to screw off. Angela insists that her dreams can't lie and that they need Nathan alive to fix things.

8:43 - This "FREEZE" thing is getting really old. With Noah pulling a gun on Claire and Peter demanding proof they are who they are and then the SS demanding the same thing. And yeah... Claire gets bad ass moment standing in path of panicky Secret Service agents. And Peter DOES have Sylar's powers.

8:45 - So much for saving Nathan, huh Angela?

8:47 - Bad ASS! Peter disguised as The President injects Sylar with enough tranquilizer to down an elephant as Sylar is very very confused as to why he cant change into The President and why The President's skin is shimmering.

8:49 - Wait. So where is Danko in all of this?

8:51 - So they need Nathan to convince The President that this was all a mistake.... So...

1) why not have Peter - who still has all of Sylar's powers - SHAPE-SHIFT INTO NATHAN?!?!

2) why go through this crazy plan of using Matt's powers to hypnotize Sylar into becoming Nathan when this is inevitably going to come back and bite them in the ass?

3) why can't they just tell The President... the truth?!?!

8:55 - *sighs* And now The Company is reforming, but with government sponorship and deniability. And Noah, Angela and Matt are now sitting on this secret and not telling all the rest of the characters, despite how all this crap started BECAUSE of the secrets and lies they held back from one another?!?! Did nobody learn ANYTHING?!?!

8:57 - Six Weeks Later. Start of Volume 5: Redemption Man comes home to find running water all over the floor... and it changes into a soaking wet Ali Larter.

8:58 - So Tracy is now Hydro(wo)man and is killing random people... for some reason. And "Nathan" already seems to be breaking his programming, staring at clocks and noticing that they are fast.

(deadpan) Oh good lord, I am so shocked.

THE FINAL WORD: I am very pissed off right now. After all the talk this season about how the lies and secrets of The Company were responsible for causing all these problems... and what happens? Noah and Angela turn around and make the SAME DAMN MISTAKES in order to bring some semblance of The Company back. Danko just disappears from the final episode after reconciling with Bennet. Tracy is brought back for one minute so they can undo the great character moment she got earlier in the season. And the suspense over how long it would take before "Nathan" began to recover lasted a good five minutes.

And I just realized something... what about all the people Hiro and Ando freed? Aren't they going to ask questions? Talk to the press? Sue the shit out of the American Government? And why can't they just tell The President the truth about how Nathan died trying to stop Sylar? Superpowers wouldn't have to come into it - just tell the public that Senator and War Hero Nathan Petrelli gave his life to save The President from a terrorist. That's the literal truth!

Maybe I'll give the show a look-see in a few months but right now... I doubt it.

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