Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 4/1/09

Particularly fast this week because I only got one book apart from The Flash:Rebirth #1

FLASH: REBIRTH #1 - Well, in case you haven't read my humorous and graphic-less summary of the plot (what plot?), I was less than impressed.

Johns is one of my favorite writers but he seemed to be running on auto-pilot, no pun intended. Thrusting a dead parent and an angsty trauma into the life of Barry Allen just seems to be counter-productive, given that the apparent hook of the character (as we are told repeatedly) is how honest, decent and simple a man Barry Allen is. Turning his father into an apparent murderer who killed his own wife doesn't add anything to Barry's backstory and is - from what little I know of The Flash history Johns is supposedly a slave to - completely contradictory.

Simply put, there's very little going on here that we didn't already see in Green Lantern: Rebirth, leaving me to wonder if maybe this should have been called The Flash: Rerun

KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE #149 - I'm disappointed that after the major bombshell of last issue (i.e. Tuley - the heart and soul of Hard 8 since Gary Jackon's passing - decides to leak the new "improved" version of Hackmaster to the public), that we didn't see any development of this thread this issue.

That's not to say that there's not some good stuff here, with Bob successfully convincing B.A. to let him run a descendant of his famous thief character Knuckles and the Black Hand's Cattlepunk game descending into even deeper depths of depravity as a real old-wet legend enters the game. All this and a cliff-hanger that is likely the biggest fakeout in KODT history.


  1. 2 weeks, and my shop hasn't gotten new books. Kinda getting worried. That said, before issue 1 even shipped I was ready to drop Flash. Only reason I put it on subs was in hopes of John's writing the Rogues. But they I remembered. I love Wally West, don't give 2 poops about Barry.

  2. Yeah. Wally is in it but he doesn't do much other than yell at his kids and explain what a great mentor Barry was for all the new readers who are picking this up not knowing anything about The Flash.

  3. But they I remembered
    I am really wondering why I typed this, I have no idea what it means.

  4. Oddly enough, I do. You meant something along the lines of how The Rogues were such memorable baddies under Johns pen, that you remembered them - if nothing else - about The Flash and the hope that they would be in this story was enough to make you buy the book.
    But yeah.... The Rogues (Mirror Master, Trickster and Cold) are only in one panel. Grodd, Dr. Alchemy and Kadabra also get one panel each. Savitar gets more screen time and lines and he's dead within two pages.