Monday, March 9, 2009

Thoughts on HEROES, Season 4, Chapter 6 - Shades of Gray

The title suggests that we're finally going to get to meet Sylar's Daddy. I'm guessing since they went out of their way to cast an actor like John Glover that he WON'T be dying this time. Still, whatever gets them to end the endless road-trip and allows me to devote my precious time toward the good storylines.

8:00 - Okay. Catch-up time. So Hiro and Ando are on the way to save Matt Parkman, Sylar is out to kill his dad, Peter is on the run (well, on the fly, really), Nathan's operation has been exposed to the world and Matt has been turned into a human bomb by Danko.

8:01 - And - oh yeah - Puppet Master Eric Doyle is asking Claire for help.

8:02 - I don't think ANYBODY is buying that he really wants to reform.

8:03 - Oh boo-hoo-hoo. You gonna cry now, little puppet master? Gonna cry?

8:04 - Looks like Danko is starting to put 2 and 2 together regarding Nathan saving Peter. And Nathan - to his credit - is actually trying to do the right thing. For once.

8:05 - Yes! We must shoot the man with the volatile explosion strapped to his chest. Never mind that he is obviously frightened and is trying to talk to us instead of shouting out threats! You'd think they'd call out the bomb squad instead of the sniper team.

8:06 - And of course Danko sees Nathan's arrival as a way to take out two annoyances at once.

8:08 - Ah. Looks like REBEL is at work again.

8:09 - Mind read the bomb-squad technicians to learn how to disarm the bomb... yeah. Here's a question: WHY AREN'T THE BOMB SQUAD TECHS TRYING TO DISARM THE DAMNED BOMB THEMSELVES? Especially given that they were perfectly willing to let an unarmed Senator get within arms reach of the "dangerous terrorist" who is screaming about how he was forced into the exploding vest.

8:10 - And the bastard Nathan comes back just in time to see Matt screwed over again.

8:11 - Geez. I never thought I'd be happy to see Sylar after a Parkman scene this season.

8:12 - Man. Lionel Luther looks like shit! (Sorry... it had to be said)

8:13 - I'm sure that Sylar is just contemplating whether it's a better revenge to let his dad slowly of cancer or just kill him now.

8:14 - And yeah - blackmail against blackmail, with Danko having footage of Tracy saying "You're one of us, Nathan!" and Nathan having his proof that Danko is doing even more illegal and immoral things in the name of "fighting terrorists" than he is by running this whole group in the first place.

8:18 - Just in case you forgot - Ali Larter is still in this show.

8:19 - And yeah - Noah points out that Nathan is acting like an idiot. The voice of reason as always.

8:20 - Yeah. I'm not buying this "I've been helping you all this time." act either. I know it's probably true and I still don't believe it.

8:21 - "What can you tell me about Nathan Petrelli?" "He was lousy in bed." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

8:22 - Of course the torture is probably going to start, now that she's refused to talk. Ten bucks we see her on a rack before the end of the episode.

8:23 - Excuse me... I'm going to be busy laughing for the next two minutes as I contemplate anyone who looks like Hayden Pantierre working in a comic book store.

8:25 - "The guys are all staring at you! Of course you can sell comics!" I'd be upset about this stereotyping of my people if it weren't 100% true and the explanation for about 75% of the women employed by the Friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Store I used to work at.

8:28 - Awww... daddy is a psycho killer with the power to steal powers too. And now they're bonding over the slaughter of animals. Isn't that touching?

8:32 - Okay. We didn't think for a moment that Noah was really going to sell out Angela, did we? Just checking.

8:35 - LOVE that Claire/Noah talk. Nice to see them being separated isn't ending that.

8:37 - And Danko is going to meet Angela. I almost feel sorry for Danko. Actually, that's a lie. But I feel like I should feel sorry for him.

8:38 - Ah. Well, I'd hoped he'd go out a foot shorter. But yeah... that was BEAUTIFUL.

8:40 - I was wondering how long it would take to get to this - Dad wanting Son's powers because of The Hunger. And it coming down to dad wanting the healing factor. Obvious, really.

8:42 - Daddy Gray can whistle people to sleep! NICE! Of course we all know that - like with Claire - this isn't going to kill Sylar.

8:43 - During the commercial, I just realized something - Hiro and Ando REALLY did a sucky job on that whole "Save Matt Parkman" thing.

8:47 - Nice fake out. I guess they WILL kill John Glover after one guest spot.

8:48 - Heh. Slow evil death. Knew it! And I love how he's taking the stuffed rabbit as a memento.

8:50 - I see no problems with this whatsoever. Of course this is going to come back and bite Nathan in the ass eventually.

8:51 - Hmmm... camera is back there filming this. I imagine that's going to come into play shortly. Wonder if REBEL can access those security cameras?

8:52 - FLYING MAN!

8:53 - Okay. Here's how I think it will play out. Noah will lie to protect Nathan. REBEL will hijack the video footage showing the truth and Danko will be arrested for attempted murder. We can hope, anyway.

8:55 - Here's the park bench again. And Claire pushing the limits of Neutral Good. And yeah - so not reformed.

8:56 - Oh, THERE they are! "No thank you." BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

8:57 - Ah. THAT Matt Parkman - Matt's son.

8:58 - Uh.. Mohinder? Nobody asked for a voice-over or for you to come back. You go bye-bye now.

8:59 - Oooooooh! Sylar waiting for Danko. The agents going after Claire with Nathan saving her. It looks like Danko is still fired and Noah is still in charge. Lord knows what Nathan's status is now.

9:00 - NOOOOOO! Not two weeks!

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