Monday, March 9, 2009

The Opening Credits Of Watchmen

Despite my Feminist issues with how Silhouette's death is portrayed, I cannot deny that this credits sequence is a finely directed piece of art. So if you haven't seen the movie yet - or just want to watch this again - here is the opening which seems to have wowed even those who didn't like the movie that much.


  1. It's certainly well done, but I have some issues with it. Keep in mind that I have not seen Watchmen and don't intend to.
    1) All the shots are in slow motion, almost to the point of being standstill. They may as well have just taken direct art from the comic and used that, for all the purpose that it served.
    2) The lesbian sequence, including the parody of the post-WWII sailor kiss. What purpose did it serve? Okay, she was lesbian. She had so little to do (and by little, I mean nothing) in the original book, that it felt like it was just put in there for shock value.
    3) Really, the whole opening credit sequence felt like one of those YouTube music videos. Why not just shave that off, start the movie like the book starts and have the credits rolling during Rorsach's initial investigation?

  2. 1) I think the intent was to have them be living comic panels. Stylistic, if that was the goal, it worked.
    2) I think it served the same purpose as Richard Nixon still being president and the advertising blimps in the background along with all the other little details in the original book. It was a way of showing, in a quick and simple way, that this world is different from ours in ways beyond the fact that superheroes are real.
    3) Given what I've read about Zack Syder's arguments with the studio over staying true to the book, that may well have been the only way he could get any content regarding The Minutemen (apart from the attempted rape scene) into the movie.